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Welcome to the SW300 Cycle Touring Route circumnavigating South West Scotland


Following on from the 2108 300 mile 24 hour Challenge Event and due to popular demand the South West 300 is now a tourist route for you to ride at your leisure. Discover for yourself the cycling nirvana of stunning wild scenery and quiet back lanes through remote South West Scotland. 


Please find on the following pages useful information and daily Strava routes for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 day tours around the SW300 (requires a free download of the Strava app), along with four short videos of the route to whet your appetite.


Being a circular route it can of course be started at any point and be ridden in either direction. 

We consider this to be the “Goldilocks” of cycle routes, neither too hilly nor too flat, but having ridden it extensively in both directions we have found clockwise to have more challenging climbs and anticlockwise to be easier (all else being equal). Therefore to mix it up a bit we have, in homage to the 24 hour Challenge, the 2 and 3 day Strava routes going clockwise. The 4, 5 and 6 day Strava routes go anticlockwise. You are, of course, welcome to ride whichever way you wish. 

As the 2018 event start and easiest start location for most is Dumfries we have started the routes there, but feel free to start wherever suits. 


The intention of this website is to provide you with help. With charities being particularly badly hit during these Covid Pandemic times, please donate to Children’s Hospices Across Scotland. You'll then support this charitable ethos and help others by choosing to either ride the route to raise money for charity or to make a small donation yourself as a thanks for this site and route. All donations are gratefully appreciated. We are in no way affiliated with C.H.A.S. or benefit in any way (other than getting a warm fuzzy feeling from supporting a great cause) from donations. Donations can be made through this link;-


or in memory of Julie;-


As a keen cyclist the compiler of this website, Nipper Varney, has ridden all round the U.K. (and beyond). To him there is no better place in Britain for cycling than Dumfries & Galloway, a hidden gem in this forgotten corner of the country, begging to be explored. 

He has covered up to 18,000 miles a year of sheer pleasure riding along its traffic free back lanes through absolutely stunning scenery and gentle, rolling hills, talking to the coos and mostly on bikes he has made himself. 

Beware! An outsider, he came here on a sunny holiday over half a lifetime ago, fell in love, upped sticks and moved here. The sun has shone at least some of the time since and when it does this area really is truly magical: indeed cycling heaven!

Please feel free to give feedback, good or bad, particularly if you have ridden the route. Want a certificate to show your achievement at completing the SW300? Send an email with your name and evidence of a charity donation and we will gladly send you one. Happy pedalling!